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Introduction of Environmentally friendly Diesel Generator


 Transportable Diesel Generators, One of the main products of Industrial & Electrical Div .are used in the job site very isolated from commercial power as provisional prime power Since the fuel for such equipments is fossil fuel.

So, low fuel consumption gets one of our important tasks. Also, we have to eliminate the concern of the leakage of fuel.. Under such circumstances, we developed very innovative devices giving the solutions to economize the fuel cost, to increase the fuel tank capacity and to prevent the leakage of fuel.

‚PDSaving Energy Remote Controller

Generallly, the operation of Diesel generator is recognized gHigh Speedh 1,800 T/min-1 in case of 60Hz and 1,500T/min-1 for 50Hz. In case that the operation at the job site for Pile driver like above photo, normally engine of the generator runs all the time at high speed even during the time while the pile driver does not require the power from the generator.

If the operator change the engine speed to idling mode when high speed running is not demanded, you can of course economize the fuel theoretically but due to the complication, Such mode change is not done most of the cases.

Thanks to our Saving Energy Remote Controller, such change mode from High speed to Idling, from Idling to High speed becomes very easy by one switch change. If you install this Saving Energy Remote Controller in the operation house of the Pile Driver, Fuel consumption at Idling mode is about 20-30% comparing with High speed running.. So, this device will be very useful and environmentally friendly for job site using Pile Driver where exists long waiting time.


‚QDAuto Parallel Running Device NAC-300

This device is all in one type controller which can automatically control plural generators for Parallel running. Engine start|Detection of Synchronization|Parallel on|Load sharing. But this can make Quantity Control of the operation units along with the demand. Ie, the min. necessary units will be under operation and other generators will be in waiting. This device will improve the operational efficiency a lot and you can save your fuel. This device is available to install for high end range.




‚RDBig tank & Oil Guard

 Generator with Big tank is demanded by the end users thanks to longer interval of fuel filling for longer continuous operation. Bigger tank would have sometimes problems of fuel leakage due to the piping structure or tank it self materials even if it is very carefully manufactured at our factory.

To prevent such leakage, our Big tank type generator provides with the tray called gOil Guardh ithe black part of the above photoj for 3 Models Even if the oil is leaked, the user will not be so nervous thanks to this oil guard.

Specially the user will be able to use these generators without anxiousness at the job site closed to the river or offshore where any environment regulation is very severe. We would like to introduce these models aggressively.

We introduce 3 items which are very suitable and friendly to the environment. We, NIPPON SHARYO, will continue to contribute to the society by presenting the cutting edge products with new technologies and idea toward richer tomorrow.



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