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Features of Nissha HS1250 series

High-speed processing realized by use of linear servo, parallel drive, and new material CFRP.

●Shape optimization function enabled by self calibration
    (when using the Express Head)

●Operation and data conversion software with upper compatibility.

●Optional tools

  ・High output fiber laser for thick plate (>t0.3 mm)

  ・Alignment function

  ・Supports larger strokes (max. 860 mm)

Process Performance

φ0.2 mm × pitch 0.4 mm, 25,000 holes/hr. or higher

φ0.1 mm × pitch 0.2 mm, 60,000 holes/hr. or higher

High-speed Technologies of the HS Series

Control performance is greatly enhanced and time requiring to cut each hole in the rapid stage is reduced by;

(1) using the parallel drive system of the linear motor, and

(2) using CFRP as the stage structural material.

Use of a large-thrust linear motor for the XY stage has reduced time required for the point-to-point movement.


The result is a much higher SMT for mask processing speed, which is more than 3 times that of the HS1250RX model, as shown in the chart on the right. As in previous models, you may mount the Express Head, which now has higher processing performance than the conventional express head.  

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