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Micromachining technologies are the foundation of the cutting-edge device production in IT, medical, and all other industries. Nippon Sharyo has developed a laser micromachining system dedicated for solder printing stencil, the key to the print circuit board production and for precision sheet metal components. With micromachining as its core technology, Nippon Sharyo will continue to develop and offer new products that help open new frontiers in all industries.

Fiber laser precision sheet metal processing system NisshaHCseries

 Fiber laser precision sheet metal processing system

Nissha HC series

Compact body
Process variety of materials
Support custom request

Fiber laser stencil processing system

Nissha HS1250 series

Hifg-speed,precision,quality, Suppor long stroke type

Since it was first released, the HS1250 series Stencil Cutting System has maintained a high level of customer satisfaction. The series features the fiber laser with a high-quality beam, which has realized high-quality inside-aperture wall surface, nanometer control, and high-speed high-precision processing in the rapid stage.

Nissha HSC series

Compact body, Realize self-manufacture of stencil, Support long stroke type

With NisshaHSC400, stencil mask fabrication is simple and easy; all you need is unprocessed mesh-framed work pieces and the process data. Using mesh-framed work pieces allows them to be set on a printing machine immediately after the cutting process, significantly reducing the lead time.

Cutting sample

cutting sample

cutting scene


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Fiber laser precision sheet metal processingsystem
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Fiber laser stencil processing system
NisshaHS1250,HSCseries catalog


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