Friction Stir Welding

Car body assembly by friction stir welding (FSW)

Fig.1 Fix pin tool  

Fig.2 Self-reacting pin tool
Friction Stir Welding(FSW) is adopted in assembling of aluminium carbody. The material is not melted during this joining process. The stronger strength and the smaller distortion due to the low heat input from friction take the advantages to the joint design over the conventional arc welding.
We are using the fix pin tool (Fig.1) and self-reacting pin tool (Fig.2). Simple, strong, and lightweight for the structure are served with this welding method.

Fig.3 FSW facility  

Fig.3 shows the manufacturing facility of FSW and macro photography of the joint.

Fig.4 Numerical simulation
Fig.4 shows numerical simulation of self-reacting pin tool.


Fig.5 Lap joint sample  
Fig.5 shows the sample of the lap joint between a sheet of aluminum alloy(JIS A5083) of 2.0 mm thick and aluminum alloy extrusions(JIS A6N01) of 3.0 mm thick.