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 Creating Innovative Technologies

Numerical Simulation

Stress Analysis of Shinkansen Train Car Tunnel Entry of Shinkansen Train Aerodynamic Noise Radiation from High-speed Train's Surface Tunnel Entry Test with Scaled Shinkansen Model
Stress Analysis of Train Car for Foreign Countries   Fluid Analysis of Shinkansen Trains Passing Each Other in Tunnel   Noise Analysis of Antenna Shroud   Wind Tunnel Test with Scaled Model
Shape Optimization for Extruded Hollow Profile Fluid Analysis in Air Conditioning Duct Prediction of Vibration and Sound Pressure Level with Statistical Energy Analysis  
Structural Optimization of Shinkansen Train Carbody Air Conditioning Simulation of Passenger room of Shinkansen Noise Emission Analysis for Railway Car Interior Panel  
Crash Energy Absorbing of Carbody Structure Designing Effective Air Conditioning Diffuser Aerodynamic Noise Analysis of Leading Nose of Shinkansen  
Analysis of Head-On-Collision for LRT Car        
Offset Collision Analysis of Railway Carbody        


Manufacturing Technology

Friction Stir Welding Laser Welding Sheet Forming



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