Heavy Duty Industrial Vehicles Heavy Duty Industrial Vehicles

Nippon Sharyo has been developing a wide range of vehicles to cater to the distribution needs of every industrial field, greatly contributing to the modernization and rationalization of transportation systems.

Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV)
A series of capacities of 10 to 30 ton / unit are available. An automated transportation system can be designed to satisfy each user’s need.

Magnet Guidance  Model

Autonomous Travel model
Self-propelled Heavy Duty Carriers  
Heavy Duty Carrier
Heavy Duty Carrier
A double headed carrier can load and unload heavy stuff by lifting / lowering its platform. All wheels can be steered to go forward, reverse, sideways, or turning around. Wheels are also micro-computer controlled to keep the level of platform by sensing the ground roughness.

Heavy Duty Unit Carrier
This is a module unit version of heavy duty carrier. A huge carrier can be composed with a few cab units and necessary numbers of non-cab units.
An experienced heaviest tonnage is currently 4,000ton, but a larger capacity is expected. Regardless of number of units, a composed carrier can be operated by one driver and in all directions.

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