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Review by Segment  188th period

Annual Business Report 188th period
April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017

Railway Rolling Stock Business


 In the railway rolling stock business, our sales to the JR Companies amounted to 21,822 million. It was achieved through the sales of the N700A Shinkansen trains to JR Central and West Japan Railway Company.

Our sales for the public and private railways reached 12,478 million, including the sales of the Series 1000 trains for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line; the Model N3000 trains for Nagoya Cityfs Transportation Bureau; the Series 2200, 3150,and 3300 trains for Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd.;the Model 12-600 trains for the Oedo Line of the Bureau of Transportation Tokyo Metropolitan Government ; the Model 3000 trains for Transportation Bureau, City of Yokohama; and the Model 3000 trains for Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. For railcars for overseas, we had sales of 14,254 million, including Gallery type EMU and passenger cars for the U.S.A. and diesel cars for the U.S.A. Consequently, our total sales for railway rolling stock recorded 48,554 million, down 26.3% from the previous year, with a reduction in railcars for overseas.


Transportation Equipment and Steel Structure Businesses

In the transportation equipment business, sales of container freight cars increased and sales of LPG tank lorries are steadily in good shape. As a result, sales reached 13,379 million, up 26.8% from the previous year.

In the steel structure business, sales included new bridge construction work of Hakuryu Ohashi Bridge for the East Nippon Expressway Company, Fukushigawa Second Bridge for the Central Nippon Expressway Company, as well as construction work of Tokiwagawa Overpass, and Fujigawa First Overpass. In addition, large-scale renovation work for the Tokaido Shinkansen is included in sales and sales were up 1.0% from the previous year to 8,605 million. In all, sales for the transportation equipment and steel structure businesses were 21,983 million, up 15.3% from the previous year.


Construction Equipment Business

In the construction equipment business, the domestic sales in large pile driving rigs showed an increase, due to reconstruction works arise from the Great East Japan Earthquake and demands in public works in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The export business included large pile driving rigs to South Korea. As a result, the sales of construction equipment totaled 19,282 million, up 9.2% from the previous year. The generator business saw an increase in sales of domestic products although sales of overseas products were sluggish.

The sales of generators were 3,138 million, down 9.7% from the previous year. In all, sales in our construction equipment business were 22,420 million, up 6.1% from the previous year.



Other Businesses 

Our main sales included; mechanical equipment for the Superconducting Maglev system for JR Central; vehicle inspection/repair facilities; repair work of agricultural plants for Agricultural Cooperatives all over Japan; paper-manufacturing equipment for household paper manufacturers; laser processing machines; and railway memorabilia. As a result, sales in other businesses areas totaled 8,137 million, up 64.6% from the previous year thanks to an increase in vehicle inspection/repair facilities.



The overseas sales for the year under review amount to 18,801 million, representing 18.6% of total sales, which includes 14,254 million for the railway rolling stock business and 4,168 million for the construction equipment business. The order on hand at the end of the year under review reached 156,877 million. These comprised 125,500 million for the railway rolling stock business (54,838 million for rolling stock for JR companies such as the N700A Shinkansen trains, 19,205 million for railcars for other public and private railway companies, 51,456 million for rolling stock for overseas), 25,959 million for the transportation equipment and steel structure businesses (10,917 million for the transportation equipment, 15,042 million for steel structure businesses), 2,575 million for the construction equipment business, and 2,843 million for other businesses.


Investment in Plant and Equipment

Plant and equipment investment during the year under review totaled 2,362 million. Investment was mainly targeted at renewal of IT systems to streamline production control for the construction equipment business and renewal of equipment to maintain/improve the production capacity at each plant.


Financing Activities

As for the year under review, no significant borrowing occurred.


Annual Business Report  Highlights Message Review


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