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Transportable Diesel Generator  NES-series Option

Leak detection set at 200mA

To prevent electric shock, highsensitivity, high-speed earth leakage relay is provided (detection in 0.1 seconds at 30mA).

30mA(standard) 200mA(optional)





IC monitor

New IC monitor checks the system for malfunction at all times before and during operation.

Note: Except machines equipped with second exhaust emission compliant engines and NES800SM.

Item Engine stop Breaker trip Lamp
Monitor Low oil pressure -
High water temprature -
Overspeed -
Battery voltage failure - -
Non charge - -
Low fuel level -
Oil guard *1 - -
Diagnosis(ECU error)*2 -
  Overcurrent - -
  Earth leakage -
*1 Large tank models only
*2 ECU models only (NES45 to NES400TI).