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Transportable Diesel Generator  NES-series Option

e-Stop (Auto shutdown)

The oil guard of a generator is used to prevent oil leakage from accidents. However, if water stays in the oil guard and fills it, water and oil may overflow. To avoid this problem, level sensors detect the liquid level in the oil guard. The warning lamp notifies the user if water is present. If the oil guard becomes full, the full level sensor notifies the user and stops the engine. (A warning level sensor is standard on the NES25TKL, 45TYL3 and 60TKL2.)


Liquid level Lamp Engine  
Lower than warning level OFF -
Between warning and full levels Flashes
*For NES25TKL,
45TYL3 and 60TKL2 only.
Above full level ON Stopped
 *If the oil guard stop switch is on.


Oil guard