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Transportable Diesel Generator  NES-series Option

Full-auto parallel  runninng device

This controller includes auto start/stop, synchronizing, load sharing, controlling the number of operating units, and measurement and protection, allowing fully automatic parallel running of generators. The number of operating generators are automatically controlled so that the optimum number are in operation according to changes in the power load, therefore only the minimum necessary number of generators are in operation and the remaining generators are stopped and placed in a standby state, thus improving the operating efficiency of the generators and saving fuel. 



-Compact unit that enables all-in-one control
-Full automatic control with a single switch
-Up to 8 generators can be connected
-Remote control of auto start/stop of one or more generators via contact input
 (can be applied as standard emergency generator for power failures)
-Efficient operation for lower fuel consumption


1.Auto start/stop
2.Auto synchonizng,load
3.Control for cjain
4.Auto control of the number of operating units

Parallel running and disconnection are automatically controlled to run the optimum number of units according to changes in load power (Generators are controlled by communications cables. Standard length of cable si 10m , with optional 99m cables available.

5.Control for heavy loads

The number of operating units can be increased in advance with a forced operation command,allowing heavy load equipment such as vibratory pile drivers, earth augers and tuhnel excavators to be connected

6.Remote control of auto start/stop

Each generator can be controlled remotely. Vanous control methods are available.

7.Provided with reverse power protection and measurement display 


Notes on parallel running

 Although parallel running involves procedures such as load sharing, as well as monitoring the operation state, it offers a number of benefits:

-Allows large power supply.
-The number of operating units can be easily set according to the load demand.
-Even if one generator fails, operation can be continued with other units.

Furthermore, an advanced power generation system can be built by controlling the number of operating units and using the remote start/stop


  Start/stop Synchronizing Load sharing No.of operating units Remote control
Full-auto parallel running Auto Auto Auto Auto Option
Manual synchonizing Manual Manual Manual Manual Option
Note:This table shows the basic function of parallel running.


Caution: There are limitation of capacity depending on use. For details, please consult Nippon Sharyo.