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 Transportable Diesel Generator NISSHA NES-series  Specifications  Option 

Transportable Diesel Generator  NES-series Option

e-Pon (Simple auto starter)

Start/stop and run/idle control of a generator can be controlled using external signals, enabling many useful applications. 


ex)control panel【NES45TY3】   e-Pon (Simple auto starter)
ex)output terminal   e-Pon (Simple auto starter)


e-Pon (Simple auto starter) Fuel cost saving example

(Use conditions, it depends on the fuel cost)

Fuel cost Diesel fuel JPY100.- Fuel cost saving

Saving fuel costs / 1 day JPY6,960.-
17.4L×8Hours - 17.4L×4Hours×JPY100.-=JPY6,960.-1
saving fuel costs/1 Month JPY139,200.-
Model NES100TI2
Frequency/Revolution 60Hz/1800min-1
Actual operation time 4Hours/1Day、20Days/Month
Normal operation time 8Hours/1Day、20Days/Month
Fuel consumption 75% load 17.4L/Hour
Stop when the fuel consumption
(Standby fuel consumption)



Installation examples


A system that automatically controls the start/stop or run/idle of a generator according to the water level can be built by combining a generator, submersible pump and float switch. (The float switch is optional equipment; the water pump is out of our scope of supply.) With the conventional powering of a submersible pump from a generator, the generator keeps running at almost no-load rated speed when the water level is lower, consuming fuel. If the e-Pon is incorporated in the generator, fuel consumption can be reduced.

Example on-site

Intended purpose: reservoir drainage
• Load: submerged pump
• Method: automatic operation by water level detection (run – stop)


Allows energy-saving operation of a submersible pump.
• Reduced fuel consumption means reduced CO2 emissions.
• Reduced fuel consumption adds value to the system.
• Prevents dry operation of the submersible pump, extending pump life.
• Reduces low-load operation of the generator, leading to shorter operation hours.



納入実績:eポン (株)タケミ企画殿A remote control (wired) can be used to link the run/stop contact points of the remote control to the running/stopping
(or idling) of the generator, and an improvement in fuel consumption can be expected (remote control is purchased



If a generator is used as a power supply for a temporary office at a work site where commercial power is unavailable,and the main circuit breaker on the distribution board in the office is equipped with an auxiliary contact, the generator can be started and stopped by turning the main circuit breaker on and off.


If two or more generators are used as a power supply for an event and one of them fails, a back-up generator
automatically starts up to supply power.