Manufacturing process


Design Work

Basic Design Design of Details
Safety, speed, and comfort are the main considerations during basic design. Structural, aerodynamic, motion, and performance analyses are employed to finalize the design.

Body Shell Parts Fabrication

Body Parts Process Welding
Automated systems produce various parts. Automated welding robots produce large body elements.

Body Shell Assembly

Side and End Body Installation Front End Frame Installation
Then, the side, back end and roof frames are installed.
The front end frame is transferred by a large overhead crane and then welded to the underframe.
Body Shell Assembly Completion  

Painting & Installation of Fittings

Completely assembled body shells are painted and then transferred to the outfitting Line.  All devices and components are fitted to the under frame.
Electrical Installation Work 
 All electrical circuitry and wiring components are installed. Interior panels, partitions, and other fittings are installed.

Bogie Frame Component Fabrication

Bogie Frame Welding Bogie Frame Machining
Programmable welding robots assemble the bogie frames. Automated precision machines further process the bogie frames.

Bogie Assembly

Our cutting-edge technology ensures a precise, reliable assembly process.
Bogie Assembly Bogie Completion
Completed Bogie is transferred to the inspection stage.

Bogie Finishing

 Inspections of Bogies
Bogies undergo strict and detailed static and dynamic inspections.

Bogie Frame Installation on the Body Shell

The carbody is lowered onto the bogies.

Testing and Trial Runs

Wheel Weighing Train Run
Various precision measuring instruments ensure quality.
Completed cars undergo repeated test runs under meticulous attention to verify the proper operation (including operation of subsystems) before delivery to the customer.


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