Suburban and Commuter Vehicles
@Electric Maltiple Unit (EMU) for NICTD

NICTD: Northrn Indiana Commuter Transportation District

This suburban commuter EMU for NICTD runs from Millennium station at downtown Chicago, go along with south shore of Michigan Lake, to South bend, Indiana. The train contains of a large portion of U.S. made equipment and took final assembly in the U.S. thanks to Buy America act. Its capability of a single car run offers flexible options with demand fluctuations.


Car Type

Electric Multi Unit Car with driving cabs



Track Gauge

4f 8-1/2h (1435mm)

Electric Power Supply

1500VDC from Overhead Catenary

Max. Passenger Capacity(Seating Capacity)

 (93 or 90 seats when 2 wheelchair securing spaces are used)

Tare Weight

118000lbs (53.5ton)

Principal Dimensions


85f 0h(25908mm)


10f 6h(3200mm)


15f 11h(4851mm)


ND-312 Fabricated Truck
Wheelbase: 8f 2 1/2h (2502mm)
Wheel Dia.: 36h (914mm)


Tight lock coupler with electric coupler SW-800-7

Maximum Speed

75mph (120kph)

Control System

Cam-shaft controller with dynamic brake

Brake Equipment

26C automatic brake incl. dynamic brake.

Year Delivered



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