Suburban and Commuter Vehicles

Gallery Type Bi-Level Passenger Car for METRA

METRA: Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation

 This METRA gallery car is upgraded version of the passenger car for METRA delivered 1994-1996. Although the car has a similar look, it newly incorporated cutting-edge technologies, more safety features and disabled- friendliness, such as TIMS (Train Information Management System), getting new federal safety standards complied, wheel chair lift, etc.


Car Type

Cab Car

Trailer Car


8500 Type

6000 Type

Track Gauge

1435mm(4f-8 1/2h)

Electric Power Supply

3-phase 480V 60Hz, supplied from locomotive

Max. Passenger Capacity(Seating Capacity)

238 (138) + Up to 3 wheelchair securing spaces available

245 (145) + Up to 3 wheelchair securing spaces available

Tare Weight

127,200 lbs. (57.7 ton)

121,400 lbs. (55.1 ton)

Principal Dimensions


85f 0h(25908mm)


9f 9 25/32h(2992mm)


15f 10 13/32h(4836mm)


Inside swing hanger type cast steel truck


AAR type gHh automatic tightlock coupler

Maximum Speed

79mph (126km/h)

Driverfs Cab

Available for push-pull operation


Brake system

26C automatic pneumatic brake system with tread brakes units

Year delivered


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