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Telescopic Kelly bar type Earth Drilling Rig  [NISSHA ED-series]


NISSHA ED( Earth boy -Nick name ) earth drilling rigs are of “Kelly bar type” earth drilling rigs for constructing various sized bored piles (Cast-in place concrete piles) into comparatively soft stratums where no cobbles and boulders contained. There are two type of rigs, a lattice boom type (Two models) and a telescopic boom type (One model).


Drilling bore holes for constructing various sized cast-in-place concrete piles into the comparatively soft stratums (Maximum S.P.T. N-value 50).

Fleet of earth drilling rigs:

Ranging from φ1000 〜 3000mm in shaft diameter and 43〜62m in depth. Bell pile bucket (φ1700〜4100)

Brief specifications:

Full-hydraulic drive, Self-propelled, Square/round type telescopic kelly bar with rotary bucket. Lattice boom type/ telescopic boom type/Leader type. Bell-pile bucket with computer monitor/recorder (Optional extra).



Typical Operation Proceduresin constructing a cast-in-place concrete pile with a bell pile bottom.

1. Centering 2. Starting drilling 3. Inserting stand pipe 4.Feeding bentonite 5.Drilling till the specified depth 6.Inserting belling bucket 7. Reaming bore hole bottom 8. Measuring depth 9.Setting up iron-reinforcement cage  10. Inserting tremie tube 11. Cleaning slime by an air-lift 12. 13 Concreting 14.Completing cast-in-place concrete pile with belling bottom.


ED 6200 H -2
ED 6200 H -2
Minor changed
High power type
Size : Maximum drilling depth : approximately 6200 cm.
ED : Earth Drilling rig
TE : Telescopic Earth drilling rig





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