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Small Pile Driver, Soil Improvement Geomate   [NISSHA DHJ-series ]

Geomate DHJ-Series are developed specially for the residential area to improve the soil by mixing soil and concrete to make the pillar to prevent the collapse of the house standing on the soft land from the earthquake.

Thanks to mixing performance controlled SL-Control which is same as CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and powerful digging force coming from ultra compact body and excellent mobility and easy manipulation, you can realize the soil improvement very efficiently in short period of time.

Very low noise and environmentally friendly engine is adopted along with the criterion value set by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism considering the job site among residential houses laying side by side. This series are applicable to Rotary Driving Method using Steel pipe piles.






DH J- 08
DH J -08
Size of machine: Approximate operation weight of machine: 12 ton
Easy reassembling type leader: @Jc.Junior
Leader is stored over the base machine
Dynamic Hercules series

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