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 RT260H working in Downtown San Francisco

More than 360units of Casing Rotators produced by NIPPON SHARYO are playing active role not only in Japan but in many countries like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Today, we are glad to report that our RT260H was introduced in U.S.A. for the first time as Brand-new machine. In the frame of Infrastructure building preventing the global heating issue as well as foreseeing further economic development, US Government drives the construction of the high speed railway system. Under such circumstances, our RT260H was supplied to the job site of the terminal station of Transbay Transit Center in the downtown of San Francisco.

The job is to make more than 200 secant piles with 2.2m and 74m depth. RT260H was adopted because of its performance adequate for deep piling with large diameter in addition to its high vertical accuracy under very low noise and vibration.

At the same job site, competitor's machines were in operation as well. But once it happened that RT260H continued to make pile of the secant pile after that machine down. It was obvious that the performance of RT260H was really appreciated by our customer.

Soon after the job started, we had a honor to have an opportunity of the visit by the head of California High Speed Railway project at the job site. She spared her time even to visit into our Operation house to see the performance of RT260H made by NIPPON SHARYO, which is also well known with its technology of Bullet train in Japan. Obviously she was so impressed by the performance of our Casing Rotator specially its high precision working and toughness.

The Investment in public sector is indispensable in USA including many issues represented by employment. Also, the modernization of the infrastructure such as bridges, dams, etc. will be necessary across the country from now on. We hope our products could assist somehow their modernization.


Now RT-300III arrived after RT-260H in San Francisco

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