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 Shaping Our Consideration for Humanity and Environment

Although losing the primacy of transportation to automotives, the rail transport is re-recognized for its eco-friendliness around the world in recent years. We pride ourselves on contributing to the protection of natural resources through our products. In order to actively contribute to the construction of recycling systems, Nippon Sharyo continues to focus on the development of the technologies and the products that meet the new standard of the eco-society.


Development of Rolling Stock Friendly to People and Environment

Nippon Sharyo proposes the new technologies that are friendly to people and the environment, in promoting vehicles that are barrier-free, comfortable, low in noise and vibration, light-weight, energy-saving, etc.

Railways are deemed to be an environmentally friendly means of transportation in many ways, including energy conservation. In particular, the N700 Series Shinkansen trains that debuted in 2007 achieves power consumption that is 36% lower than the initial 0 Series Shinkansen trains. We will continue to help preserve the global environment through the manufacture of rolling stock.

Shinkansen Super Express EMUs

Preservation of the Earth

The preservation of the environment is the mission and the responsibility of Nippon Sharyo. Under the guidelines of ISO 14001, our Steel Structure Division practices the preservation of the ecosystem at every stage of our business practice, such as designing, production, and construction.

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