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Sep.1896 Established in Nagoya city for the purpose of manufacturing and sale of railway rolling stock
Apr.1920 Purchased Amano Plant located in Sumida-cho, Tokyo Branch Plant
Feb.1924 Founded a locomotive plant attached to the head plant and became a general rolling stock company
Apr.1934 Relocated Tokyo Branch Plant to kawaguchi-city, Saitama Pref. and designated it as Warabi Plant.
Jun.1938 Started the production of freight cars at newly-founded Narumi Plant (Midori-ku, Nagoya city)
May.1949 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Osaka Securities Excange, and the  Nagoya Stock Exchange, which were reopend
Jan.1959 Started the production of construction equipment in Narumi plant
Oct.1961 Started the production of bridge frameworks and chemical industrial equipment at newly-founded Oe Plant (Minato-ku, Nagoya city)
Jul.1964 Started the production of freight cars at newly-founded Toyokawa Plant (Toyokawa city, Aichi Pref.)
Apr.1970 Started the production of bridge frameworks and chemical industrial equipment at newly-founded Otone Plant (Souwa-cho, Ibaraki Pref.)
Oct.1970 Started the production of locomotives at Toyokawa plant
Mar.1971 Started the production of passenger cars at Toyokawa Plant, which became the general railway rolling stock plant
Jun.1975 Started temporary assembling for bridge and steel frameworks at newly-founded Kinuura Plant (Handa city, Aichi Pref.)
Nov.1984 Relocated Oe Plant and integrated it into Kinuura Plant
Jul.1989 Presented an exhibition at independent pavilion at the World Design Expo, Nagoya's centennial celebration
Jul.1995 Relocated and integrated Tokyo District Offices
Sep.1996 100th Anniversary
Jan.1999 Took over Nichiyu Koki,ltd.
Jun.2000 Opened the Memorial Square and added Series 0 Shinkansen Super-express EMU to the display
Feb.2002 Manufactured the 2000th Shinkansen EMU
Oct.2002 Capitalized and established Taiwan Rolling Stock co.,ltd.
Mar.2004 Construction of new Development headquarters building in Toyokawa city
Jun.2005 Otone Plant closed; operations integrated into Kinuura Plant
Sep.2006 110th Anniversary
Apr.2008 Took over Nissha Kensetsu Koji,ltd..
Aug.2008 Equity and business tie-up entered into with Central Japan Railway Company
Sep.2010 Manufactured the 3,000th Shinkansen E.M.U.
July.2012 Start-up of Operations at New Production Facility in Rochelle, Illinois
Apr.2013 Expansion of Rochelle Production Facility
July.2014 Nippon Sharyo U.S.A Holds Grand Opening Ceremony for Shop III
Sep.2016 120th Anniversary


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