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Shinkansen - Bullet Train

Nippon Sharyo developed prototypes and is currently delivering the latest model, the N700, in the storied line of high-speed EMUs, the Shinkansen.

With Japanfs mountainous topography limiting the possibility of meaningful increases in speed, design and development of the N700 focused on evolutionary improvements to ride quality: The tilting system increases comfort and speed through curves; the semi-active suspension systemfs lightning-quick response controls vibration and eliminates jerking movements; the gcover-all hoodh (full-circumference cover of the space between cars) significantly reduces wind turbulence and interior noise; and interior passenger fixtures and amenities employ state-of-the-art ergonomics for maximum passenger comfort.



Series N700-1000 (N700A)  Shinkansen (Central Japan Railway Co.)

Series N700-7000 Shinkansen (West Japan Railway Co.)


Series N700 Shinkansen(Central Japan Railway Co.^West Japan Railway Co.)


Series 500 Shinkansen  iWest Japan Railway Co.j


 Model 700T Super-express EMU for Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

Class 923  Multipurpose Inspection Train "Dr. Yellow" (Central Japan Railway Co. & West Japan Railway Co.)


Series 700 Shinkansen   (Central Japan Railway Co.^West Japan Railway Co.)


Series 700 Rail Star ShinkanseniWest Japan Railway Co.j


Series E2  Shinkansen (East Japan Railway CoDj


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