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Production Bases : TOYOKAWA PLANT

2-20 Honohara,Toyokawa,Aichi-pref
442-8502,Japan   google-map

Main Products
Rolling Stock Div.@  
Transportation Equipment


Total Area: 316,000‡u   @ Plant Area: 250,000‡u    @
Factory Building Area:@102,000‡u   @
Factory Floor Area:@115,000‡u


Jul.1964 Started the production of freight cars at newly-founded Toyokawa Plant (Toyokawa city, Aichi Pref.)
Oct.1970 Started the production of locomotives at Toyokawa plant
Mar.1971 Started the production of passenger cars at Toyokawa Plant, which became the general railway rolling stock plant
Sep.1996 100th Anniversary
Jun.2000 Opened the Memorial Square and added Series 0 Shinkansen Super-express EMU to the display
Feb.2002 Manufactured the 2000th Shinkansen EMU
Sep.2010 Manufactured the 3,000th Shinkansen E.M.U.
Sep.2016 120th Anniversary

ISO9001 ISO14001
ISO9001 ISO14001
JQA-0973 JQA-EM3309
Registered firm of ISO(International organization for standardization)

About us@Profile History Directory Contact US Message