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Gallery Type Bi-Level Passenger Car for Caltrans

@Caltrans:California Department of Transportation


The big and beautiful looking gallery-type passenger cars were developed to enforce commuter transportation of Caltrans, 50 mile railroad from San Francisco to San Jose. Bi-level future gives a number of riders seating with comfort. Their universal design of cab car/passenger car offers easy maintenance, cost reduction, and compatibility of AMTRAK coaches. In order to contribute a local society, it adopts a large portion of parts and took final assembly in the U.S. as Buy America act also applied for the car.

Car Type

Cab Car

Trailer Car


Type 4000

Type 3800

Track Gauge

4f 81/2h (1435mm)

Electric Power Supply

3-phase 480V 60Hz, supplied from locomotive

Max. Passenger Capacity(Seating Capacity)



Tare Weight

124,740 lbs. (56.7 ton)

121,880 lbs. (55.4 ton)

Principal Dimensions


85f 0h(25908mm)


9f 9h(2971.8mm)


15f 11h(4851.4mm)


Inside swing hanger type cast steel truck with stabilizer


AAR Type H

Maximum Speed

100mph (160km/h)

Driverfs Cab

Available for push-pull operation


Brake system

26C/CS2 Automatic pneumatic brake

Year delivered


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ShinkansenExpress TrainCommuter TrainSubwayAGT, LRV, MonorailExported Train