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 Suburban and Commuter Train

Nippon Sharyo has been delivering various vehicles, both EMUs and DMUs, for many clients according to their needs, considering both performance and economic aspects. In this point of view, the basic body constructions and components are standardized to the possible extent.


Model YR-3000 (Yuri Kogen Railway)
Kiha 25(Central Japan Railway Co.)
Type MR600 5th car (Matsuura Railway)
Model 3050(Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.)
Series 2000 (Aichi Loop Line Co.)
Type MR600 (Matsuura Railway)
Kiha220 (Kyushu Railway Co.)
Type 7500 (Hokuso-Railway Co.,Ltd. )
sinkeisei n800Type N800 (Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Co.Ltd)
meitetu 3300Series 3300 (Nagoya Railroad Co.)
Series 1000 (Aonami Line)
Moka 14 (Moka Railway)
aikan2000Series 2000 (Aichi Loop Line Co.)
keisei 3000Model 3000(Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd.)
Series 300(Nagoya Railroad Co.)
Series 215 E.M.U. (East Japan Railway Co.)
Double-decker version E.M.U. with increased seating for long distance commuter routes.
jrc313-guSeries 313 Generation 8000iCentral Japan Railway Co.j
Upgraded commuter cars.
Series 3700 (Nagoya Railload Co.)
Gallery Type Bi-Level EMU for NICTD
Gallery Type Bi-Level Passenger Car for VRE
e Highliner f Gallery Type Bi-Level EMU for METRA
Model 9100 (Urban Development Corporation) Impressive front end with three-dimensionally curved contours made of stainless steel. Extensively operated in suburban commuter service.
jrk200Series 200 (Kyushu Railway Co.)
With partial cross-seating, and a unique indoor color scheme this train type is well known among its ridership as the "red express".
Suburban EMU Type 700 Taiwan Railway Administration
Suburban EMU@ Venezuela Caracas Suburban EMU which is operated on the Caracas suburban line which includes long tunnels.  (Venezuela State Railway)
Gallery Type Bi-Level Passenger Car for METRA
Electric Maltiple Unit (EMU) for NICTD
Suburban Transit System iTaipei Rapid Transit Corporationj


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