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AGT, LRV, Monorail

Nippon Sharyo also produces newly developed and/or special vehicles mainly for medium or small volume transportation demand. These include rubber-tired AGT vehicles, magnetic-levitating vehicles (Linimo), hanging monorail vehicles, etc.

AGT(Automated Guideway Transit)

Series 7000 (Yurikamome)
Automatated(driverless) operation with ATO running within guide way with rubber tires.iYurikamome Co.(former Tokyo Waterfront New Transit)j

Model HSST-100 (Linimo)
(Aichi Rapid Transit Co.,Ltd..)

Fully automated commuter type maglev train for medium volume of transit demand. It runs at a speed of up to 100km/h. Since it levitates, it does not make any friction noise and vibration.

LRV  (Light Rail Vehicle)


Manila, the Philippines.

LRV for Light Rail Transit Authority of Manila, the Philippines.


@Light Rail Vehicle for LACMTA

LACMTA: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Model 800 Low-floor LRV

Low floor allowing to easily get on and off.(Nagoya Railroad Co.)



Model 40 suspended monorail
(Transportation Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.)


ShinkansenExpress TrainCommuter TrainSubwayAGT, LRV, MonorailExported Train