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Metro & Subway

Nippon Sharyo has been delivering various metro and subway vehicles, including those with linear motor propulsion. All these vehicles are designed for frequent stop-and-go operation without sacrificing passenger ride quality.

trta20002000 series (Tokyo Metro Co.,Ltd.)
東京都交通局大江戸線12-600形2次車Model 12-600 2th(Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Transportation)
名市交N3000形Model 3000 (Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya)
trta1000Series 1000 (Tokyo Metro Co.,Ltd.)
meic6050Model 6050 (Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya)
trta9000-5次車Series 9000 (Tokyo Metro Co.,Ltd.)
Model N1000 (Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya)
yokohama3000Series 3000R (Yokohama City Transportation Bureau)
Series 08 (Tokyo Metro Co.,Ltd.)
An all aluminum train for Tokyo's Hanzomon subway line.
fuku2000Series 2000 (Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau)
An all-stainless steel train with VVVF inverter control for commuter service.
osaka21Series 21 (Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)All-stainless Steel cars.
Model 7000(Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya)
The subway cars with stainless steel car body. Seat arrangement combined with longitudinal and transverse is quite unique.
Model 3050 (Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya)
Model 5050 (Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya)
Model 2000 (Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya)
Model 6000 (Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya)
tok12000Model 12-000 (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Transportation)
zsingapoleSubway Car For Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Corporation(MRT).


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