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e Highliner f Gallery Type Bi-Level EMU for METRA

METRA: Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation

This gallery-type EMU known as gHighlinerh is converted from METRA bi-level passenger car, by installing electric equipment into the passenger car while interior and service equipment still remain the same. The car featuring lightweight stainless carbody usually operates as a married pair, but it can extend up to eight-car configuration. Operation provided through METRA Electric Line with 1500VDC overhead catenary.


Car Type

Mc (odd nos.)

Mc (even nos.)


1200 South Car

1200 North Car

Track Gauge

4f-8 1/2h (1435mm)

Electric Power Supply

1,500VDC from overhead catenary

Max. Passenger Capacity
(Seating Capacity)

228 (128 seats or 121 seats when 3 wheelchair securing spaces are used)

Tare Weight

143,800 lbs. (64.8 ton)

Principal Dimensions


85f 0h(25908mm)


9f 9 25/32h(2992mm)


15f 10 13/32h(4836mm)


ND 328 type fabricated truck
Wheelbase: 8f6h (2591mm)
Wheel Dia.: 36h (914.4mm)


Automatic tight lock coupler with electric coupler

Maximum Speed

79mph (126km/h)

Driverfs Cab

VVVF inverter (1C4M Control)

Brake system

Electrically commanded air brake blending with regenerative &dynamic brakes (incl. variable load sensing, snow brake, anti-slip and parking brake functions)

Year delivered


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ShinkansenExpress TrainCommuter TrainSubwayAGT, LRV, MonorailExported Train