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Global Policy

Working Together With the World to Foster Richness in Life

Global competition continues to be spurred in every field into the 21st century. While gaining competitiveness in cost and quality in order to survive the mega-competitions, Nippon Sharyo has also successfully gained trust in regions around the world and grew together with local people. Enriched lives and societies come not only from the export of products but also fostering technologies and helping them to take roots in the region through the cooperation with the local people. That's what we believe in, and that's the global policy at Nippon Sharyo.


Quality Mass Transit in U.S.A.

Nippon Sharyo began exporting trains to North America in 1982 with a shipment of a 44-car train to NICTD. Since then, we have worked hard with a local assembly or production policy and have enjoyed many achievements, not least of which was delivering an ultra-modern High-liner to Northeast  Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation (METRA)

Contributing the Railroad Development in Taiwan

Nippon Sharyo exports rolling stock and promotes technological transfer to a local car builder. We have won the trust of the local authority and are going to supply

Super-express EMU for Taiwan Hight Speed Rail Corporation

Driving Rig active in Asian Countries

Nippon Sharyo developed and completed the first of Pile Driving Rig in 1959. Now we have the top largest market share in Japan for Pile Driving Rig. The series of Pile Driving Rigs are active in many construction sites in Asian countries, has been enjoying economic growth.

DH758-160M, the top machine of PHOENIX series, suitable for large scale construction

Largest Class Three-point-supported type Pile Driving Rig

Nippon Sharyo developed DH758-170M Three-point-supported type Pile Driving Rig and delivered to Korea. DH758-170M is developed more stable and environmentally friendly than previous largest series DH658-135M. Adopted Tier 3 clean engine reduces nitrogen oxides and particulates. Weight reduction of leader and improvement of the balance of main body resulted in extention of the length of leader up to 39M, it reduced the number of drillings from two steps to one step and shorten the hours of the foundation work.

The RT Series Active Throughout Asia

The High functionality, work performance, and technology of the RT series of casing rotators developed together with the Supertop method is earning the series wide use not only in Japan, but also at foundation construction sites in other countries as well. In the Asian region in particular, the series has been exported to Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. Further implementation is expanding at a remarkable rate, and also in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Nippon Sharyo's Rotators working in San Fransisco

RT-300III and RT-260H Casing Rotors operate for 24 hours at the construction site in San Fransisco, CA, U.S.A. This construction site will become the complex terminal, Transbay Transit Center, for railway lines and bus lines, including California High Speed Rail. Although this site is surrounded by high rise residential and financial business buildings, pedestrians passing by can see only large scale cranes but can not recognise that rotators dig upto 73m below surface. These Casing Rotators have such distinctive features as, low noise, low vibration for environmental friedliness and bring high-efficiency construction.

Casing rotator
ENow RT-300III arrived after RT-260H in San Francisco
ERT260H working in Downtown San Francisco


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