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Technological Development

Application of existing and developed technologies to new fields can spark unexpected creativity.

Through abundant experience in railway rolling stock production, Nippon Sharyo has gained the know-how and technology to control movement. Examples include hydraulic, fluid, and electronic control. The ever increasing complexities in society demand an equal increase in the sophistication of control technologies. Nippon Sharyo’s staff is always up to the task, and continues to gain improvements in safety, speed and precision.

Development of the Next-Generation Shinkansen Super-express

Nippon Sharyo continuously leverages the knowedge gained from past experience to develop its next generation models.

Sophisticated Product-making Through Adoption of New Technology

Continuous technological advances yield continuously advancing products. In the case of the N700 (2007 debut) special stamping press forming technology reduced the amount of welding required, which made the complex surfaces of the highly-streamlined nose possible. Nippon Sharyo strives to create and use the latest technology in order to achieve the best manufacturing practices and provide our customers with the best products.



Nippon Sharyo Tilting System

The high performance tilting system developed by Nippon Sharyo utilizing stroke difference of the air spring enables to realize safe and stable running service in the curvilinear sections with high speed. It provides an excellent ride comfort all the passengers including standees.

■Tilting system


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